Ivanka Trump is Turning into Katherine Heigl

And we all know how that ends.

The First Daughter has officially been given an ‘unofficial’ role in The White House, including but not limited to a West Wing office, secure phone line and security clearance.

We’ve seen this before somewhere – Katherine Heigl was an arguably under-qualified actress with a bossy momager looking to take on roles bigger than her boots. Ivanka Trump is an under-qualified politician with a bossy dadager looking to take on roles bigger than her boots that she probably designed and sold at Macy’s.

While Heigl makes her return to TV with NBC’s State of Affairs, Trump begins her second-cum-third career as her father’s ‘eyes and ears’ – and hopefully mouth, electoral process be damned – in the White House. Sources at Politico say that she’ll have access to information about national security and won’t be confined to family policies she spent most of her time on the campaign trail discussing. Sources at GQ hope that she’ll help her father look more presidential.

Heigl has spent several years dispelling rumours that she’s ‘difficult to work with’, and giving the state of affairs of the Trump family, let’s hope elected politicians don’t have the same to say about the woman with quite possibly no business in the White House.



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